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9 Things to Consider Between IngramSpark & kdp

Posted by Luke J. Wilson on 23rd October 2019 in Self-Publishing | ingramspark,createspace,amazon,self publishing,ingram vs createspace,kdp,Kindle Direct Publishing,indie author
If you are about to self-publish your book but are unsure about which platform to use, have a read through this list of things I’ve learnt over the last year or so. I initially published my book on Amazon CreateSpace (now renamed as Kindle Direct Publishing) as that’s all I was familiar with at the time back in Dec 2017, but have since found many other platforms which are also similar. For the sake of this post, I am concentrating on kdp vs IngramSpark as I was looking into, and since have, published my book through IngramSpark. One of the best points between the two is that Ingram supplies many bookshops across the world. I’m in the UK and am...


Posted by Luke J. Wilson on 7th July 2020 in Self-Publishing | self publishing,publishing,authors,amazon,kdp
...ccount on and go to your “Bookshelf”. Select one of the options to add a new title. In this guide I’m focusing on a Paperback set up. The first stage it to fill in all your book title information and author details, plus keywords and categorisation. On the next step you will be given the choice to choose a free Amazon-only ISBN, or to provide your own. If you bought one, here’s where you need to enter it. Set your publication date if it’s a previously published book, else leave this blank if you are publishing your book for the first time. Next thing to select is your paper type and whether you need colour prints inside the book or not...

6 Simple Ways to Format and Publish Your eBook

Posted by Luke J. Wilson on 22nd June 2020 in Self-Publishing | ebook,publishing,kindle direct publishing,smashwords,self publishing
...So you’ve recently written a book. Great! Maybe you’ve published it online as a paperback already, but now you want to get it into the hands of those with eReaders and Kindle devices. Seems straightforward enough, right?  Well, kinda.  An eBook isn’t quite as simple as just handing out a PDF version of your book. I mean, you can do this, but it’s not very optimised for reading on a mobile device via the various eBook apps. It’ll require a lot of pinching-and-zooming on smaller screens! Your eBook Options If you’re publishing/published via Kindle Direct Publishing (kdp), once known as CreateSpace, then there is an automatic...