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7 Tips for an class='highlight'>marketingan> your Book an class='highlight'>onan> a budget

Posted by Luke J. Wilsan class='highlight'>onan> on 24th May 2019 in Self-Publishing | an class='highlight'>marketingan>,book sales,book an class='highlight'>marketingan>,twitter,budget,an class='highlight'>marketingan> an class='highlight'>onan> a budget
7 Tips for an class='highlight'>marketingan> your Book an class='highlight'>onan> a budget   Create a website and/or blog. Getting an audience who is interested in other things you write is a good place to start, and then you can tag an class='highlight'>onan> book promos etc. to your blog posts. It also gives you a mailing list for targeted promos later an class='highlight'>onan> as your audience and subscribers grow (and if you're interested, you can view my main blog here). Make promo advert graphics and share them to your Facebook/Instagram stories. These always show at the top of people's feed and in Facebook Messenger and so get seen more often than regular posts. Join Facebook author promo groups. Join and share links to your sales f...

6 Simple Ways to Format and Publish Your eBook

Posted by Luke J. Wilsan class='highlight'>onan> on 22nd June 2020 in Self-Publishing | ebook,publishing,kindle direct publishing,smashwords,self publishing
So you’ve recently written a book. Great! Maybe you’ve published it an class='highlight'>onan>line as a paperback already, but now you want to get it into the hands of those with eReaders and Kindle devices. Seems straightforward enough, right?  Well, kindaan eBook isn’t quite as simple as just handing out a PDF versian class='highlight'>onan> of your book. I mean, you can do this, but it’s not very optimised for reading an class='highlight'>onan> a mobile device via the various eBook apps. It’ll require a lot of pinching-and-zooming an class='highlight'>onan> smaller screens! Your eBook Optian class='highlight'>onan>s If you’re publishing/published via Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), an class='highlight'>onan>ce known as CreateSpace, then there is an automatic...

PUBLISH YOUR BOOK an class='highlight'>onan> aMaZan class='highlight'>onan> KDP IN 9 SIMPLE STEPS

Posted by Luke J. Wilsan class='highlight'>onan> on 7th July 2020 in Self-Publishing | self publishing,publishing,authors,amazan class='highlight'>onan>,KDP
Many people say they want to write a book “an class='highlight'>onan>e day”, or that they have a great idea for a story. Some might even have had an exciting life which would make an interesting novel or biography to read. a lot of the time, it’s the thought that they would never get a publishing deal for their book which stops the creative process from even beginning, but in this digital age we find ourselves, publishing a book has never been easier! Self-publishing no lan class='highlight'>onan>ger has that stigma of poorly written and badly edited books anymore, as more and more people turn to it — especially with so many an class='highlight'>onan>line optian class='highlight'>onan>s to do so these days. Even many famous authors began with...

Top 5 Free Ways to Promote Your New Book an class='highlight'>onan>line

Posted by Jaime Shaw on 15th July 2021 in Guest Post | guest post,self publishing,promotian class='highlight'>onan>,an class='highlight'>marketingan>
You have written a book – can class='highlight'>onan>gratulatian class='highlight'>onan>s! You are ready to start promoting your brand-new book, but you do not have hundreds of pounds in your budget to spend. We have got your back. Here are our top five free ways to promote your new book an class='highlight'>onan>line. 1. a Pen Name You may wish to use your real name as the author of your book. This is great if somean class='highlight'>onan>e of the same name has not already become a well-known author. Check amazan class='highlight'>onan> for book listings of authors of the same name and ensure that yours is available to use. If you do select a pen name, make it appeal to your target audience. Be easy to spell and find an class='highlight'>onan>line. Ensure your pen name can be pran class='highlight'>onan>ounced by your...

The Best Tools and Resources For Self-Publishing authors

Posted by Javier Collins on 26th July 2021 in Guest Post | guest post,self publishing,an class='highlight'>marketingan>
There’s no denying that the world of literature and poetry has changed drastically in recent decades.  In the past, aspiring authors had no choice but to manually write or type out their manuscripts, mail them out to publishing houses and agents, and then pray that somebody would be interested in publishing their works.  However, today, authors dan class='highlight'>onan>’t need publishers or agents, and many modern writers can make a living through self-publishing.  Below, we’re diving into our list of the absolute best and most popular tools and resources for self-publishing authors.    Writing and Editing Software as an author, your pen is probably your best friend....