Free early church Resources

I've created a few resources to aid with your studies or interest in the Early Church. The below maps are converted from the appendices in my book, I'll soon add some hi res versions as A3 poster size to purchase. Below the maps is an interactive chronological timeline of when the New Testament and Early Church texts were written. At the time of writing, I have covered most of the Ante-Nicene (pre-325 AD) period.


geographical Locations of Early Church Texts

Approximate locations of where the NT and Ante-Nicene texts were written (or sent).

Blue book icons represent the New Testament books, the red crosses are a selection of the Early Church Fathers texts.


Journey of Ignatius to his Martyrdom

The whole journey covers about 1524 miles (2454 km)!

  • Blue pins are the known route that Ignatius took
  • Green pins are where he stopped to write his epistles (click the pins for info)
  • Red pins are the conjectured route


Chronological Timeline of the New Testament and other Early Church Texts and Events

A timeline of when the New Testament and other early Patristic works were written*, plus significant historical events which may have influenced certain writings.

Orange = New Testament
Dark Green = Apostolic Fathers (c.70 - c.150 AD)
Light Green = Ante-Nicene Fathers (pre-325 AD)
Light Orange = Post-Nicene Fathers
Blue = Significant Historical Events
Black = Major Time Periods
Teal = First Seven Ecumenical Councils
Red = Widespread Persecutions
Light Red = Localised/Regional Persecutions
Grey = Disputed Facts
Yellow = Major Schisms

* Much of the dating and research has been taken from the works of Schaff, Lightfoot, Harmer et al.