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The Coming of Christ

Have you ever wanted to know how the Old Testament prophecies of Christ explain his first coming in the flesh, and also relate to his Second Coming? Will Jesus return in the way most of us have been taught?

I suspect that when many people think of the "Second Coming"—that is, the return of Jesus—images of the world ending in a blaze of fire and glory come to mind; or of some super-war called Armageddon where the Anti-Christ battles it out with God's people one last time before The End comes with Jesus surfing across the sky on clouds with an army of angels in tow.

Whichever it is, one thing you will find is that much of that imagery has been embellished and some misunderstood and misinterpreted. This book aims to lay it all out and start from the beginning with a clean slate and fresh eyes on the topic to really get to grips with what the Bible, and Jesus, teaches about his return.



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Coming of Christ book cover